Company profile
Company profile

The Tide Group (Tide) was officially established in 1994 and was derived from Ningbo Tide International Co., Ltd. Tide specializes in manufacturing, marketing, registration, and development of various crop protection products. Tide is noted for a large synthesis and process capacity, high quality products backed up by its precise analytical laboratory, and environmentally self-contained waste water/tail gas treatment system. Currently, Tide is establishing the largest production base of "Safener" products in the world.

Through foreign and domestic mergers and acquisitions which began in 1997, Tide now consists of Ningbo Tide Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tide CropScience Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Tiffe Chemicals Co., Ltd. Tide is also a shareholder of Jiangsu Seven Continent Green Chemical Co. Ltd.,. Besides these organizations, Tide also has a strong sales network overseas and has established several companies or offices, like Tide International USA Inc., Amtide LLC., Universal Products International LLC and Chemstarr LLC in USA, VextaChem S.R.L in Italy, Tide do Brasil Ltda., Prentiss Quimica Ltda. in Brazil, and Clove Agro Africa Ltd. in Kenya.

By the end of 2010, Tide had accomplished the "Five-Year Plan" formulated in 2005, which was saying about transforming Tide into a company based on active ingredient processing, specializing in Phosgenation, Neonicotinoids, Sulfonylureas, Aryloxyphenoxypropionates, Triazolinones, Triazoles and Safeners. Tide will take the next five years to pursue the markets in North America, South America and Europe with its own registered products as well as an assortment of component products to achieve the goal: to be one of the best Agriculture chemical group in the world and creat a better life for human beings.

Sustainable and innovative green agrochemical Enterprises
Sustainable and innovative green agrochemical Enterprises
  • 1994Group establishment
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Enterprise vision

Sustainable and innovative green agrochemical Enterprises

Enterprise mission

Delivering value to agriculture ! We Deliver Value!

The good products we offer are just a technological way for us to help farmers get better harvests, and to seek the dual effects of protecting crop health and reducing environmental impact.

Sense of worth


Leading technology, relying on stable production capacity


Ten years of hard work, the ultimate pursuit of quality and customer experience


Innovation driven, focus on the world and the future


Gather forces and cooperate to achieve rapid and efficient response mechanism

  • Enterprise vision
  • Enterprise mission
  • Sense of worth
Group honor
ISO1900 certification of Zhejiang Tide-2
ISO1900 certification of Zhejiang Tide-1
ISO1900 certification of Zhejiang Tide-3
ACE2012 Market Expansion Award
ACE2019 Inovation Contribution Award
2013 Top 10 Chinese Pesticedes Exporters
2013 Overseas Market Expansion Award
2013 Top 10 Chinese Pesticedes Exporters
CAC2014 Recommended Supplier
2014 Top 10 Chinese Pesticides Exporters
2015 Top 20 Chinese Pesticides Exporters
2016 Top 20 Chinese Pesticides Exporters
2017 Top 20 Chinese Pesticides Exporters
CAC2018 Recommended Supplier
Growing enterprises of Ningbo Service Industry
Certificate of Provincial High Tech R & D Center
Zhejiang Tide-High-tech Enterprise
2019 Overseas Market Expansion Award
2019 Top 20 Chinese Pesticides Exporters
CAC Recommended Supplier 2020