Tide do Brazil acquired Prentis Quimica
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Chinese agrochemical company Tide Group announced that Tide do Brasil, the Brazilian subsidiary of Tide Group, has acquired the Brazilian crop protection manufacturing and marketing company, Prentis Quimica.
Prentis Quimica is located in Curitiba, Paraná in southern Brazil, with processing capacity of 60,000 tons/year. Prentis Quimica was once ranking in the top ten (by sales) Brazilian agrochemical companies. The company currently possesses 24 registrations, and 35 registrations are ongoing for approval.
“Our company not only acquired manufacturing facilities and sales channels of Prentis Quimica, but also a plenty of pesticide registrations. The Brazilian market is one of the most potential agrochemical markets all over the world, also playing vital role in Tide's global strategic layout. We believe that the acquisition will help Tide do Brasil take a solid step in further expanding Brazilian market. “ said Yang Zhengyu, the Chairman of Tide Group.
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