Brazilian ANVISA Stopped Production of Three Pesticide Plants
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During the audit conducted by Brazilian National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (ANVISA) in November,2011, irregularities were found in three companies, including OuroFino in Minas Gerais , Prentiss Chemistry in Parana and DVA Agro in St. Paul. As a result, ANVISA prohibited all the production and sales of the three plants. This prohibition is valid for 90 days and the manufacturers have 15 days to present a defense.
OuroFino Agribusiness's factory in Uberaba (MG) was interdicted approximately 230,000 kg of Glyphosate acid and 790 ,000 liters of Sucesso BR, for lack of approvals of material origin.
The production line of FLEXIM from Prentiss has been stopped due to inconformity of product formulation. The A.I.contents of another two products, Pren-D Secure and 806-D were found to be lower than required by ANVISA and the toxic impurities were over the authorized standards. In the same factory, ANVISA also found that the Glyphosate technicals used in Shadow Gliato, Gly-up and Tupan were sourced from companies unregistered in Brazil.
In the case of DVA Agro, the factory in Ituverava(SP) was accused of adulterating Zaphir with defective ingredients. 
According to ANVISA, violators may be fined up to 1.5 million Brazilian Real and the toxity evaluation reports of the products may be cancelled. If further investigation shows any illegality, the case will be carried into court.
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