Common name: ImazapyrBSI, ANSI, draft-E-ISO, (m) draft F-ISO
IUPAC name: 2-(4-isopropyl-4-methyl-5-oxo-2-imidazolin-2-yl)nicotinic acid
Chemistry class: Imidazolinone herbicide
Molecular formula: C13H15N3O3
CAS RN[81334-34-1]
Structural formula:
Uses: Imazapyr-isopropylammonium is used for pre- and post-emergence control of annual and perennial grasses, sedges and broad-leaved weeds, as well as many brush and deciduous tree species. Used in non-crop areas, such as industrial sites, railways, roads, drainage channels, etc.
Technical: 98%
Formulation products: 27.6% SL, 53.1% SL
Packing: Technical: 25 kg/drum, or as requirement
Formulation: SL: 200 L/drum, or as requirement


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