Paraquat dichloride

Common name: Paraquat dichloride

Chemical name: 1, 1'-dimethyl-4, 4'-bipyridinium dichloride

Chemical class: Bipyridylium herbicide

Molecular formula: C12H14 Cl2N2

CAS RN: [1910-42-5]

Structural formula:

Uses: Broad-spectrum control of broad-leaved weeds and grasses in fruit orchards (including citrus),
plantation crops (bananas, coffee, cocoa palms, coconut palms, oil palms, rubber, etc.), vines, olives,
tea, alfalfa, onions, leeks, sugar beet, asparagus, ornamental trees and shrubs, in forestry, etc. Also used
for general weed control on non-crop land; as a defoliant for cotton and hops; for destruction of potato
haulms; as a desiccant for pineapples, sugar cane, soya beans, and sunflowers; for strawberry runner
control; in pasture renovation; and for control of aquatic weeds.

Technical: ≥42%TK

Formulation products: 200g/L SL, 250g/L SL

Packing: TK: 200 L/drum, or as requirement

Formulation: SL: 200 L/drum, or as requirement


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