Common name: Clethodim (BSI, ANSI, draft E-ISO); clétodime ((f) draft F-ISO)
IUPAC name: ±-2-[(E)-1-[(E)-3-chloroallyloxyimino]propyl]-5-[2-(ethylthio)propyl]-3-hydroxycyclohex-2-enone
Chemical class: Cyclohexenones herbicide
Molecular formula: C17H26ClNO3S
CAS RN: [99129-21-2]
Structural formula:

Uses: Post-emergence control of annual and perennial grasses in a wide range of broadleaved crops (including such field crops as soya beans, cotton, flax, sunflowers, alfalfa, peanuts, oilseed rape, sugar beet, tobacco, and potatoes), vegetable crops, trees and vines. To be used with a non-phytotoxic crop oil concentrate.
Technical: 92%
Formulation products: 12% EC, 24% EC
Packing: Technical: 200 L/drum, or as requirement
Formulation: EC: 200 L/drum, or as requirement


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